How to Change Nicepage File Names 
and Internal References

NicePage limits the size of your page names. Get around that problem by using a simple batch file program (rbat10.bat) that renames all of your files and changes internal references too. It's a simple text file with a .bat extenion that keeps the old/new names of all your files. Just run it from the Command Prompt window . It will rename your files and search all files in your directory for internal references (links) and change those too.

I changed the extension from .bat to .txt so you can view it here. Download the .bat version here . You can see there is an input area where you input the old file name and new file name minus any kind of extension. The program automatically adds .html and .css later. Also, you must change the variable "len" at the bottom of the input area. It's the number of find/replaces you want to do.

The batch file requires the use of FNR.Exe. FNR is just a (free) find and replace program but it does only one find/replace pair at a time. It doesn't rename files. My batch file allows you to input multiple find/replace pairs and loop through all the pairs as it calls FNR.Exe. It also renames the files.

I use a slugify text tool to change title into file name but it's not required.

I always delete the old files in my NicePage directory for a specific site before I run the batch file - rbat10.bat. Just delete the files. Save a new set from NicePage. Run rbat10.bat after editing the input area. Upload to website using your favorite FTP program, like FileZilla .