Getting Derailed

I was supposed to be working on a different website, an experiment in affiliate marketing, but I got completely derailed. Everything was so slow it was unusable. Hence, a simple redirection website (this one) just didn't work. I needed to stop everything and address the problem of speed.

My Name is Matt

I am a retired insurance mathematician. Insurance is all math. Somebody has got to do it.

About speed and the tools to get there.

When your website sucks how do you make it unsuck?

The short answer is to dump WordPress and go to HTML/Javascript. The long answer is getting your own Virtual Private Server (VPS.) My VPS plan costs about as much as a regular shared plan, or about $10 per month. Unfortunately, a VPS means you get to play Linux administrator. And given that cPanel costs $180 per year on top of the $120 I'm paying, I now get the fun of installing and configuring a free cPanel alternative called Centos Web Panel (CWP.)